Navisen's $30 Enterprise IDX/VOW
API Service

For any clients who want to provide their own IDX/VOW data to their own website customers, Navisen offers a hassle free experience of unrestricted access to our IDX/VOW data service through a convenient and easy to use Javascript API at the price of CDN $30 per client per month.

Navisen will handle all of TRREB's administrative bureaucracy on your behalf and ensure everything is as straightforward to use as possible including 24 hour response time tech support from our core engineering team.

We understand your technical needs because we've likely done your job in the past. We speak your language. We understand what it's like to use confusing APIs full of poorly named, poorly designed and poorly documented methods.

Even if you're a beginner developer, we promise that you won't have to worry about anything. Our API is a simple and hassle free experience. We've made sure it's damn easy to use and just works out of the box and you can always just pick up the phone and call if you need any help.

Dedicated IDX/VOW Data Servers starting at
$2000 per month

If you are serious about starting your own white label IDX/VOW service, Navisen is here for you.

Traditionally, entry level virtual dedicated hosting starts at $50,000 annually but Navisen will provide you with as many servers as you want starting at a flat fee of $2000 per month per server covering up to 100 users with no monthly subscription fees.

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Try Before You Buy

Anyone is free to try our API on their localhost development environment.

We only ask you to pay when you're ready to deploy your IDX/VOW to production.

All IDX/VOW production deployments require an unique API key as well as whitelisting permission for their domain name.

Documentation link here API Preview here