Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Besides the technical aspects, what are the main benefits of your IDX-VOW service?

Answer: You conveniently get everything you need in a TRREB approved standard IDX-VOW mobile and desktop website at an affordable monthly price without any technical hassles and minimal effort on your part.

Question: What if I already have a website and domain name?

Answer: If you feel that your website is in need of a modern face lift, we are more than happy to setup a Navisen IDX-VOW website for you and then help you point your domain name towards our servers that host your new IDX-VOW website.

Question: Do I have to use any type of CMS to update my website?

Answer: No, everything will be automatically taken care of for you on your website. However, we offer you the option to update your own website anytime you want through our simple to use backend CMS system.

Question: Do I absolutely have to get a free .com domain name even if I already have one?

Answer: The free .com domain name is an optional courtesy for annual subscribers only. You do not need to get a new .com domain name if you already have a domain name. However, no monetary value will be deducted from your subscription price if you choose not to get a free .com domain name.

Question: Who owns the free .com domain name I get with the annual plan?

Answer: Navisen will administer the .com domain name for free for as long as you continue to use our annual plan. Upon termination of the service, you may optionally choose to transfer the domain name from Navisen. If you pay for a domain name from Navisen during the 90 day free trial, the $10 cost of the domain will be refunded to you upon your purchase of an annual subscription.

Question: Are there any hidden fees in your service?

Answer: No. There are no setup fees or hidden fees. What you see is what you get. The only fees incurred are the monthly or annual subscription fees. All features including IDX, VOW, Google Analytics, HubSpot CRM integration, 2 Way Live Chat, data capture are all included for a flat price.

Question: Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Answer: Yes. You may cancel your subscription at anytime and still be able to continue using the service until the end of your monthly or annual billing cycle.

Question: Will my promotional monthly pricing revert to the higher original price after 1 year?

Answer: No. Any promotional price you subscribe to will be locked in and grandfathered in permanently. Your subscription will not revert to the original price after 1 year.

Question: Why shouldn't I just build my own website on WiX or WordPress instead of using your service?

Answer: You absolutely can but it is unlikely you will be able to achieve the low affordable price point that we can offer through an economy of scale. Even though we only charge $15.99 per month for an IDX-VOW website, the website designs cost thousands of dollars and months of work to develop and test with skilled expertise.

The cheapest price for a standalone DIY Wordpress IDX plugin on the market is $50 per month which cost more than 3x for just a single plugin while we only charge a flat $15.99 per month for everything all-inclusive including SSL certificates, web hosting, desktop/mobile websites, website customization, IDX service, tech support and a free .com domain name. If you want to add VOW data access on top of all that, most of our competitors charge a basic entry level price of $70 just for VOW.

Question: Do I need to have any technical experience or knowledge to setup a website with you?

Answer: No. We designed our IDX-VOW service to be minimal effort on your part. We automatically handle everything technical for you. About the only things you will need to do is provide us with your basic professional agent and brokerage information, any optional links you wish to use and a professional photograph you wish to display on your website.

Question: Do you provide IDX-VOW websites for the rest of Ontario outside of the Greater Toronto Area?

Answer: Not currently. We only serve the GTA for the time being.

Question: Beside condos and residential IDX-VOW, do you also provide IDX-VOW search for commercial properties?

Answer: Not currently although that may change in the future depending on customer demand.

This FAQ was last updated November 20, 2021.