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you may need to click on this Clear API Cache button to make new features work.
If you are experiencing any problems in testing, you should also try clearing API cache.

Section 1: TRREB Registration/Login

If you have never registered before, enter your email to register.
If you have previously registered, enter your email to login.

Section 2: Condo Preconstruction Projects

Section 3: Search by MLS Listings

Section 4: Search Listings by Specific Brokerage

You must provide the brokerage search API this exact spelling:

Section 5: General Listing Search

Official API Documentation here

Note: Navisen's IDX-VOW Javsacript API requires a localhost server for development.
If you don't have a LocalHost to develop on, download WebServer for Chrome to run your HTML pages on a LocalHost:

Note: To make your life easier whenever you are notified by email that there is a major API version update, just change the date on navisenidx_min.js?cache=current_date to automatically force your website to redownload the latest API version without clearing your browser history.

Basic Setup Code:

Select the URL format of localhost that you use to test your development environment so the correct test API key can be generated:

Javascript API Request Code:

Search Result JSON Response Data:

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Note: IDX listing data is public and VOW listing data is private but can be accessed with TRREB registration.

TRREB Rule 1: In order to view VOW data, users must register their email with TRREB or the VOW listings will not be accessible.

Note: Navisen's IDX API will manage the TRREB registration and authentication process on your behalf.

Note: Some TRREB realtors list condo MLS under the "Residential" category. The definition of "Residential" is really an approximation.

Note: Navisen's IDX/VOW search engine only holds currently active listings. Old, sold or inactive listings are not kept on the system.

Note: 50% of TRREB residential houses do not list square footage but leave it as "unlisted".

Note: There are 200+ fields in each MLS entry. Navisen's IDX only uses the 34 most common fields like Address, PostalCode, etc. It's not uncommon for most other fields to be simply left as "unlisted" by TRREB realtors.

Note: TRREB allows a maximum of 40 JPEG images associated to each MLS listing but not all MLS listings may always have images.

TRREB Rule 2: Navisen fully complies with TRREB's strict requirement to have all IDX/VOW data updated every 24 hours.
Our fully automated updates happen approximately anytime between midnight-2AM EST where the search engine may be down for 5-10 minutes while reloading 400mb+ of new MLS data and 65gb+ of new JPEG images.

TRREB Rule 3: Navisen's IDX/VOW search engine will return 100 pageinated results because you can only show up to 100 results per page only.

TRREB Rule 4: The original Listing Brokerage's name MUST be prominently displayed in the same font, size and colour as all other descriptions alongside any MLS page data and cannot stand out or be hidden in any way.

TRREB Rule 5: and TRREB logos must be displayed prominently somewhere on the website (usually the footer).

Note: Navisen's license to access TRREB's raw IDX/VOW data depends on all client websites registered under Navisen to comply with these rules. TRREB's compliance team will randomly audit any registered websites to ensure they are within TRREB's legal compliance.