How to clear your browser cache

What is browser cache?

Your browser keeps a cached copy of all website data after you visit so it prevents the need to waste time and bandwidth constantly redownloading the same website whenever you revisit. There is an expiry time for the cache at which time the browser will fetch the latest version of the website code.

However, this means that if your website has been updated recently, your browser may not yet automatically download the latest changes so you will not see the latest changes.

This support article will describe how to selectively clear cache on Google Chrome without clearing all your browsing history.

Step 1: In Google Chrome while on your website, press F12 on your keyboard.
This will open a separate DevTools window. Do not close this DevTools window yet.

Step 2: When the DevTools window is open, right click on the refresh button to bring up a secret menu. Select "Empty Cache and Hard Reload" to force a redownload of your website.